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Global Burden of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in the Workplace 2018 [click here]  "The leading reported reason worldwide for not being able to work effectively is chronic pain." Lamont Muchmore, MBA

Making Self-Care an Investment in Better WorkForce Health and Productivity - 2018 [click here]  "A healthy workforce is vital to a country's competitiveness and productivity." World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017




Opioid Abuse and its Impact on Today's WorkPlace - Complimentary Webinar

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Bridging Public Health With WorkPlace Behavioral Health Services

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Global Workplace Wellness:  Healthy Employees, Healthy Business Report


Reducing Risks:  Alcohol and the
Workplace Briefs (Parts I & II)

  • Businesses can act - produced in
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  • Alcohol Consumption and WorkPlace Health Part II [click here]


Smoking Cessation:  A Productive
Preventive Health Strategy for

  • Smoking Cessation:  A Productive
    Preventive Health Strategy for
    Employers *
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Health as Human Capital
interview with Sean Sullivan, JD

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 Advancing Health & Performance Globally


About IHPM - Institute for Health and Productivity Management and its WPWA -  WorkPlace Wellness Alliance -- IHPM | WPWA is a non-profit enterprise devoted to establishing the value of employee health as a global business asset  an investment in human capital that makes it more productive.  IHPM provides data analyses, measurement tools, and HPM services and consultation to its members and clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Russia. The Institute helps employers identify the cost impact of employee health on business performance, choose the best programs to reduce this impact by improving functional health and productivity, and measure the success of their efforts. The institutes unique status as a driving force for changing health from a medical cost to a business investment for employers and nations was acknowledged by the World Economic Forum when it chose IHPM to assume leadership of its global WorkPlace Wellness Alliance  a group of leading multinational companies focused on transforming workplaces into environments that promote and sustain optimal health, wellbeing and performance. 

IHPM's Academy for Training & Certification™ in

Health & Productivity Management


Contact IHPM to Schedule an onsite 2-day or Executive 1-day  Training Academy for Certification in the Discipline of Health & Productivity Management


WorkPlace Centers™

The WorkPlace Centers were created for the unique role of conducting field work with actual employers and service providers to advance health and productivity management. These field research and demonstration projects engage IHPM 'in the trenches' with actual employees; they generate new data and examples that further build the business case for investments to increase the human capital value of workers’ health. [Sean Sullivan, JD, Co-Founder & CEO, IHPM]


- Behavioral Health

- Heart Health

- Metabolic Health

- Pain Management

- Respiratory Health

- Sleep Health & Wellness



IHPM Wellbeing Assessment click here to read or download


For more information contact Sean or Deborah:  +1.480.305.2100

Key Terms & Definitions:

1.  Health, Wellness, Wellbeing, Measurement Read More

2.  Key Terms in the Practice of HPM Read More


WorkPlace Wellness Alliance™

Organizations, in their role as employers, have an even greater responsibility to nurture employee resilience; there is strong evidence that a healthy workforce is vital to a country’s competitiveness, productivity and well-being. Over 50% of the working population spend the majority of their time at work, so the workplace provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness, as well as guide and incentivize individuals to develop healthier behaviours. This has proven to have a multiplier effect, as employees integrate health and well-being into their families and communities. [Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum]

Over the past four years the World Economic Forum has successfully worked towards the goal of improving health and wellbeing through the WorkPlace Wellness Alliance, a consortium of companies committed to advancing wellness in the workplace.  READ MORE


2019 Calendar Overview - Proposed - More to come



3rd Quarter 

July 20-22: IHPM Board of Director's Retreat and Partner Member Meetings, North Carolina

August: IHPM/WPWA China Chapter Forums/Conferences Beijing and Shanghai

September 5/6: Global Steering Group & Business Council Forum -- The Sanctuary, Phoenix, AZ

October: Energy Industry Forum in Houston (topic TBD)


4th Quarter 

November: IHPM Central & Eastern Europe Forum


IHPM Target Areas - 2019

  • Functional Impairment (presenteeism), Productivity Loss & Disability -- the economic burden of illness.  "Three Big Ms" Globally:
    • Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Mental Health
      • EAPs — the “first line” in the battle against mental and psychological health ailments 
    • Obesity and Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome
  • Nutrition Innovations that can impact employee populations
  • Sleep Health — the neglected foundation for all health
  • Resilience — a key to wellbeing/psychological fitness through "handling" stressors
  • Opioid Use/Abuse  — America’s escalating drug war 
  • Suicide Prevention — a new global “preventive health” priority
  • Self-Care/Self-Treatment — a future key to accessible and affordable health “systems” (and to reduced functional impairment and productivity loss
  • Eco-system and Culture of Health and Wellbeing

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