Institute for Health and Productivity Management

About the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) and WorkPlace Wellness Alliance (WPWA)

IHPM/WPWA is a global nonprofit enterprise devoted to establishing the full economic value of employee health as a business asset—a neglected investment in the increased productivity of human capital.

The Institute provides data analyses, measurement tools, and health and productivity management services and consultation to its partners and clients in the United States, Europe, China, the Middle East, and Russia. IHPM helps employers identify the full economic cost impact of employee health issues on business performance, design and implement the best programs to reduce this impact by improving functional health and productivity, and measure the success of their efforts in financial terms.

IHPM’s unique role as the driving global force for converting health from a medical benefit cost to a productive business investment for employers and nations was acknowledged by the World Economic Forum when it chose the Institute to assume leadership of its global WorkPlace Wellness Alliance—a group of leading multinational companies focused on transforming workplaces into environments that promote and sustain optimal health, wellbeing, and performance.

IHPM’s Academy for Training & Certification™ in Health and Productivity Management

Contact IHPM to schedule an on-site two-day or executive one-day training in the Professional Discipline of Health & Productivity Management

WorkPlace Centers™

The WorkPlace Centers™ were created for the unique role of conducting fieldwork with actual employers and service providers to advance health and productivity management. These field research and demonstration projects engage IHPM ‘in the trenches’ with actual employees, and they generate new data and examples that further build the business case for investments to increase the human capital value of the workers’ health.

Sean Sullivan, JD, Cofounder and CEO of IHPM

  • Behavioral/Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Leadership to Advance Health & Wellbeing
  • Metabolic Health
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Health & Wellbeing
Institute for Health and Productivity Management

WorkPlace Wellness Alliance™

The evidence is compelling that a healthy workforce is vital to a country’s productivity, competitiveness and wellbeing. More than half the working population spends the majority of its waking hours at work — making it a unique setting to educate, incentivize, and support individuals to develop healthier lifestyle behaviors. This has a proven “multiplier" effect, as employees take their health and wellbeing into their families and communities. [Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum]

Since 2103 when its leadership was given to IHPM at the Forum’s Annual Conference in Davos, Swizerland, the WorkPlace Wellness Allilance has been working steadily toward the goal of improving health, wellbeing and performance around the world.

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IHPM Global Accelerator
Target Areas 2024

Let us know how we can collaborate as the IHPM Global Accelerator addresses:

  • Realizing the Full Economic Value from Investing in Employee Health and Wellbeing to Reduce Functional Impairment (presenteeism) and Workplace Productivity Loss from leading chronic health issues like Depression, Pain, Obesity, and
  • Reducing also the Direct Financial Cost of Care – medical and pharmaceutical – for the costliest chronic health conditions like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and Cancers through innovative benefit design and better delivery of primary care
  • Bringing Improved Treatments from Pharmaceutical/Biotech Innovations to employers for Cancers, Obesity, Migraines, Persistent Cardiovascular Risks, and Immunosuppressive Disorders
  • Living and Working with Cancer from screening and early diagnosis to enhanced treatments
  • Using Digital Health Technologies to reduce chronic risk factors and optimize treatment costs and outcomes

Calendar Overview

First Quarter

  • Consultation with IHPM Global Steering Group and Business Leadership Council partner/members
  • WorkPlace Center Planning Meetings
    o Metabolic Health
    o Mental Health & Wellbeing
    o Pain Management
    o Living and Working with Cancer
  • Academy Training & Certification in the Professional
    Discipline of Health & Productivity Management
    o Sponsored by: City of Goodyear AZ;
    Abbvie; Pfizer | March 12-13
  • IHPM Educational Series on Cancer

Second Quarter

  • IHPM Africa: Academy Training & Certification in the Professional Discipline of Health & Productivity Management University of Johannesburg, South Africa | April 15-16
  • IHPM Spring Forum | May 15, Scottsdale, AZ
  • IHPM China collaboration on Publications
  • IHPM Educational Series (topic tbd)

Third Quarter

  • IHPM Board of Directors’ Retreat and Partner Member Meetings | North Carolina, July 22-24
  • Academy Training & Certification in the Professional Discipline of Health and Productivity Management for the Energy and Health Care Sectors in Houston, TX and IHPM Forum on Work Force Chronic Health Issues | September (dates tbc)
  • IHPM EU & MENA: Forum on Work Force Chronic Health Issues | September (date tbc)
  • IHPM Educational Series (topic tbd)

Fourth Quarter

  • IHPM Fall Forum | October 9, Scottsdale, AZ
  • IHPM Business Leadership Council Annual Meeting | November (date tbd) Scottsdale, AZ
  • IHPM Global Steering Group Annual Meeting | November (date tbd) Scottsdale, AZ
  • IHPM Educational Series (topic tbd)

IHPM offers two new services to help its partners advance their business goals & objectives:


EC3- Connect, Communicate and Collaborate is an enterprise unit of IHPM connecting Corporate Leaders with IHPM’s Global Steering Group Partners to advance their business goals through the 3 “Cs” of the Employer Channel with strategic consultation, facilitation and oversight of workplace health improvement interventions and educational marketing.  Developing a strategic plan with IHPM can involve several EC3 activities.

Contact: Bob Carpetis
[email protected]

Connecting Health Management Talent to the Modern Workplace.

IHPM Leaders Globally have said:

“The best place to improve the health of large numbers of people is the workplace — and occupational health is made to do this."
-William B. Bunn III, MD, JD, MPH

“Occupational health focuses on the key to good health for everyone – functionality in their lives and work.”
-Richard L. Nevins, MD


Enterprise Health Solutions provides occupational health talent solutions & wellbeing consultation services. Whether you are looking to build health and wellness programs using expert perspective or seeking to bring new talent to your team, Enterprise Health Solutions is here to ensure only the best talent is partnered with the best organizations. Contact us for your consultation and let's partner together to bring the best health and wellness expertise to your organization.

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