Connect! Become a Global Steering Group Partner

Global Steering Group Partners join with IHPM’s leadership for planning, policy-making, and carrying out special initiatives. The Steering Group is for companies that want to be leaders in developing, implementing, and measuring the results from Health and Productivity Management (HPM) programs.   To further discuss the Global Steering Group opportunity and to customize your partnership contact Deborah at +1.480.305.2100 to schedule a time for planning.

Steering Group Partnership is open to all stakeholders, who thereby:

IHPM WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Global Steering Group Partnership (GSG)

  • Gain access to IHPM leadership for a full day of consultative services
  • Engage in regular meetings of the IHPM Global Steering Group and Business Leadership Council (live & electronic
  • Collaborate with IHPM leadership to plan and produce an electronic educational forum (Zoom & Vimeo platform), recorded and distributed via LinkedIn
  • Gain opportunity to present at an IHPM | WPWA event
  • Receive 5 complimentary registrations for IHPM | WPWA events
  • Participate on the Steering Groups of all IHPM | WPWA Chapters worldwide — in China, Europe, Middle East, Russia, and the UK

Business Leadership Council — Register. Today

Institute for Health and Productivity Management

For companies that are not a provider of healthcare or employee health services to other companies. Choose this participation level to engage fully in IHPM|WPWA initiatives and events worldwide.

Added benefits include:

  • Participation in IHPM|WPWA Global Health, Wellness, Performance and Productivity Conferences around the World
  • Complimentary Registrations annually for any one IHPM|WPWA Event Worldwide
  • Participation in the Semi-Annual Business Leadership Council and Steering Group Meetings (Spring & Fall)
  • Opportunities for Presentations at IHPM|WPWA Events Worldwide and Participation in Webinars
  • Opportunities to provide content for IHPM|WPWA electronic and print Publications