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Editoral Manager: Deborah Love| [email protected]

Harris Allen, PhD | Lecturer, Dept. Epidemiology/Public Health | Yale School of Medicine
Catherine Baase, MD | Global Director of Health | The Dow Chemical Company
Wayne Burton, MD | Global Corporate Medical Director | American Express Company
John Cooper, MD | Former Health of Corporate Occupational Health | Unilever
Dee Edington, PhD | Founder & CEO | Edington Associates
David Groves, PhD | Principal | David R. Groves & Associates PLLC
Jessica Herzstein, MD, MPh | Global Medical Director | Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Edward F.X. Hughes, MD | Professor Health Enterprise Management | Kellogg School of Management
Ron Kessler, PhD | Department of Healthcare Policy | Harvard Medical School
Debra Lerner, MS, PhD | Associate Professor | Tufts School of Medicine
Bonnie Rogers, DrPH, COHN-S, LNCC | University of NC School of Public Health
Gregg Stave, MD, MD, MPh | Assistant Consulting Professor | Duke University Medical Center
Pamella Thomas, MD | Former Director of Health & Wellness | Lockheed Martin Corp. | CMO, IHPM
Thomas Wilson, PhD, DrPH | Chair, Population Health Impact Institute

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Complimentary Copy for Review: Volume 7, Number 1 | December 2013